Cutting Edge Search Engine Optimisation

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is an intrinsic part of any company’s brand visibility. It’s something that every industry should become familiar with and utilise in order to further their success.

Essentially, it is all about how your website is seen and ranked by search engines such as Google or Bing. It follows then, that it plays an integral part in the leads to business services that the D12 Lead Generation Company provides.


SEO is a set of practices that are undertaken in order to ensure that a website remains on the front page of Google’s search results for specific keywords. As an SEO company, the D12 Lead Generation Company includes several services and SEO tools within each SEO package that we offer our clients:

  • Back end optimisations: Google uses a website crawler that is able to detect how well optimised a website is in several respects. By correcting errors, correctly formatting pages, adding meta descriptions and titles, and much more, the crawler rates the site better.
  • Content Creation: Integral to good search engine optimisation is the regular addition of well written, meaningful content to the website. D12 retains a staff of creative, educated writers. They are able to create keyword enriched content, as well as rewriting existing content on the website. This is a large part of increasing a website’s rankings.
  • Backlink Creation: Backlinks are anchors from other, high authority websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), that head back to the client’s website. Creating these increases site visibility, and increases it’s rankings as well.

These practices, when undertaken properly, are useful in increasing the leads to business.

  • Our SEO Service

    The D12 Lead Generation Company’s SEO service utilises powerful SEO Tools in conjunction with industry knowledge in order to ensure effective results. SEO software allows us to research the optimum keywords that should be implemented into content. Additionally, they offer auditing and tracking functions in order to scan site problems to be resolved, and also track the website’s performance in different areas over time.

    SEO tools are only as powerful as the hands that use them. Therefore, as a SEO Company, D12 retains a staff of capable, knowledgeable, and dedicated experts. They are well versed in search engine optimisation, and are driven towards results.

  • A Client Oriented SEO Company

    Whatever methods we utilise, and despite the SEO tools available to us, the D12 Lead Generation Company remains client oriented. Amongst our highest priorities is ensuring their satisfaction in our abilities. Through dependability and high quality service, we are able to build stable, professional relationships.

    Through this, we are able to provide our clients with exactly the SEO service they need. In turn, we are providing them with leads to business, and further trust in us. In that regard, our current and past clients can attest to our capabilities.

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