Your Adwords Specialist

We provide Tried And Trusted Pay-Per –Click Management, an indispensable tool for those looking to source business leads. While we can boast adwords specialisation, our experience in PPC stretches back to 2008. It has been a journey filled with massive learning curves, but we have picked up invaluable lead generation strategies and lessons along the way. Allowing us to navigate the ever-changing road ahead.

Moreover, our mission has been the same from the start: Provide quality leads to business services for less. As such, we remain at the cutting edge of lead generation companies and the services they provide.

Google’s Adwords are the text adverts that show up above the organic search results. Up to four adverts are shown here for each search results page. With the D12 Lead Generation Company, you as the client can be assured of your position among them, thanks to the leads generation methods we make use of.

We at the D12 Lead Generation Company are able to provide up-to-date and effective lead generation strategies. They include the service we provide as a leading adwords specialist.

Through the use of Adwords, in combination with our leads generation methods, current and past clients have been able to place themselves at the top of Google’s search results consistently for their respective industries. This has allowed them to reach a wider audience, and in turn has contributed to furthering their success.

Alongside our proven lead generation strategies, D12 uses an advanced and powerful adwords keyword tool. In this regard, the results we have delivered to our clients speak for themselves, and have encouraged us to continue developing our capabilities.

Effective, Proven Lead Generation

The D12 Lead Generation Company utilises effective leads generation methods in serving their clients. The methods we use in relation to Adwords include:

Ad Rank focus: We use the most relevant information pertaining to the client when inputting information to our adwords keyword tool. This serves to increase the number of clicks to their website, as well as their ad rankings.

Relevance focus: Keywords, ads, and landing pages need to be relevant to what clients are searching for. Relevant ads will be more likely to show on search results pages, increasing their performance over time.

Competitive bidding: We bid on keywords that the client would like to be seen on the front page for. Additionally, we use a potent adwords keyword tool to research and implement low competition keywords that remain relevant to the client’s needs.

Campaign monitoring: Minor adjustments to an adwords campaign on a regular basis will have a huge impact on the campaign’s performance in the long run.

  • Trustworthy and Results Driven

    Above all else, D12 values honesty and results. As they relate to the client, adwords certification and the very best lead generation strategies are meaningless without a client that trusts in our work. Similarly, working without the client’s best interests in mind means that the end result will be of substandard quality.

    The D12 Lead Generation Company endeavours to maintaining its professional relationships both new and old. Additionally, our results driven work ethic provides peace of mind provides client with peace of mind, and raises their confidence in our abilities.

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